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Zips Roofing Screws

Roof Zips are a versatile solution which fastens metal roofing to light metal battens from 0.42mm – 1.5mm thick (14 gauge 0.42mm – 1.2mm) and soft wood timber battens making it ideal for domestic applications. This product is designed for crest fixing.


  • Hex Head Screw
  • Top Grip with seal
  • 11 threads per inch
  • For fastening to timber or metal up to 1.5mm
  • Lengths available 25mm (pan fixing), 50mm & 65mm
  • Available in Plain & All Colorbond Colours

Type 17 Roofing Screws

Type 17 timber screws are suitable for fixing metal roofing into timber battens (both hardwood and softwood).


  • Timber Fixing
  • Hex Head Screw
  • Top grip with seal
  • 11 threads per inch
  • B8 Coating: Suitable for Cat 5
  • 12 gauge
  • Available in plain & all Colorbond Colours.
  • Lengths available 50mm & 65mm

Metal Teks

Metal Teks are suitable for fixing metal roofing into metal battens.


  • Metal Fixing
  • Hex Head screw
  • Available in pack 100 or box 1000

Pop rivets

Rivets are designed general purpose application such as; guttering, fascia, garden sheds and roller doors.


  • Aluminium 5052 & steel rivets
  • Truss Head
  • Available in plain & all Colorbond colours.
  • Sold in pack 100 or boxes of 1000


SRSC Roof & Gutter Silicone is a premium neutral curing silicone.  Suitable use for exterior and interior applications it will perform in all weather conditions


  • Available in Grey & translucent
  • Flexible waterproof seal
  • Ultra Violet resistan
  • Non corrosive

Infill Strips

Infill strips are made from a closed-cell foam shaped to match the curves and angles of different types of roofing. They tightly seal the gap under roof flashings to protect from dust, water, insects and pests.

Profiles available

  • Corrugated
  • Monoclad/Trimdek
  • Longspan/Spandek
  • Speed deck/Klip-lok700

Maspro Brackets

Maspro brackets are an adjustable bracket to suit box gutters. Available in 3 different sizes making the installation of box gutters a effortless.


  • Size 1 250mm-400m 24 per box
  • Size 2 400mm – 650mm 24 per box
  • Size 3 650mm-1000mm 16 per box
  • Easily adjustable to suit the width of the box gutter.