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Building Blanket

Roofing Blanket is lightweight insulation specially designed for use in residential and commercial buildings.It consists of a glasswool blanket adhered to reinforced reflective thermofoil facing

Providing excellent thermal & acoustic benefits


  • Suitable use with all types of metal roof sheeting.
  • Reflective foil moisture barrier.
  • Standard heavy-duty foil facing
  • Cut to length sizes available

Standard Sizes

R-Value Thickness Standard Size Total per roll  m2
R-1.3 55mm 1.2m x 15m 18m2
R-1.8 75mm 1.2m x 15m 18m2
R-2.5 100mm 1.2m x 10m 12m2
R-3.0 130mm 1.2m x 10m 12m2
R-3.2 130mm 1.2m x 10m 12m2
R-3.6 130MM 1.2m x 7.5m 9m2



Sisalation is a strong, reinforced pliable building membrane designed for use as sarking under residential and commercial metal roofs, and can be installed over or under battens.

The sophisticated membrane comprises of an outer layer of aluminium foil bonded to a high density kraft paper. This is then bonded to an additional layer of foil using a heavy coating of flame retardant adhesive.


  • Waterproofing under both tiled and metal roofs.
  • Prevents dust, dirt and leaves entering the roof space.
  • Prevents drafts that may occur in tiled roofs.
  • Assist with energy efficiency in keeping heat out and warmth in.
  • Available 81sqm roll (1350mm x 60m) and 40.5sqm roll (1350mmx30m)

Safety Roof Mesh

Ausmesh 300 becomes a permanent fixture for the life of the building and provides the required safe working environment throughout initial roof installation and for any maintenance work in the future. Ausmesh 300 Safety Roof Mesh conforms to the recently updated AS/NSZ 4389:2015 (released 30th June 2015).


  • Various widths available 1800mm, 2250mm & 2400mm wide
  • Standard length 50m
  • Available in cut to length min 20metres up to 200 plus metres.

Polyair Performa

Polyair Performa XHD is an extra heavy duty high grade reflective insulation. It boosts the thermal performance of roofs and walls while improving the comfort and energy efficiency of sheds and warehouses.

Features/ Benefits

  • Reflects up to 95% of radiant heat
  • A secondary protective barrier for residential sheds and commercial warehouses
  • Foam core for improved thermal performance
  • Easy to install for a quality finish
  • Available in 2 sizes 30sqm(1350mmx22.25m) and 54sqm (1350mmx40m)


Roof spacers and J-CLIP’s are engineered to be used under commercial metal roof systems, allowing full recovery of the insulation blanket, between the roof safety wire mesh and the metal roof.


  • Manufactured from 1.6mm thick Galvanised steel
  • Available in 2 different heights 75mm & 120mm
  • 1200mm nominal length to match typical widths of bulk insulations.
  • Roof sheets can be fixed directly onto the J- CLIP and no alterations to the fixing method of the roofing are required.
  • J-CLIP can be used on all concealed and pierced fix roofing applications